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A message from Northern Health NE Chief Operating Officer, Angela De Smit

COO responds to hospital care rumours

We are in this together. But we need you to do your part.

We understand there are rumours circulating which share the perception that Fort St. John staff are not attending to patients properly. We need to put a stop to this conversation.

Hospital staff are doing their very best, every day, under an extremely difficult situation. Please understand: COVID-19 is in our community. Fort St. John has the highest case numbers in the Northern region right now.

Nurses and hospital staff are run off their feet most days and we are not always able to find more staff to help them care for you and your loved ones the way we all want. This is hard for everyone, nurses included.

Rumours and negative, disrespectful comments do not help anyone. But you can help! Value your health, that of your community and family. Get vaccinated. Register now ( to get vaccinated when you’re eligible. Be kind.

We want to thank all staff at the Fort St. John Hospital for their tireless dedication to patient care. We are grateful for you!

— Angela De Smit, Northern Health


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