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A mother's love never runs dry

I don't think I ever appreciated Mother's Day as much as when I became a mom myself.

I don't think I ever appreciated Mother's Day as much as when I became a mom myself. Before that, while of course I appreciated everything my mom did for me (and continues to do, even as my own children are getting close to adulthood), I really had no idea of the intense love, the guilt, and the worry, that goes hand-in-hand with motherhood.

Even in my mid-20s, when a friend told me that her daughter was the only person in the world that she would do absolutely anything for, I still didn't actually get it. It's a reality that doesn't strike with full force until you're holding your newborn for the first time.

And no, it doesn't go away. Just as you think things will become easier when your children start kindergarten, they run into troubles in the playground, then they start high school, or they require stitches, or they leave home, go to university, get married or remain single, buy a house, have children or don't have children, reach middle age, or have relationship troubles. You watch and mentally wring your hands as they navigate the bumps, potholes, slippery sections and occasional bridge washouts that are part of a life.

To paraphrase Robert Frost, you know that line that says that home is where, when you go there, they have to let you in? Motherhood is kind of like that. Except with our children, we don't have to let them in. We want to. Happy Mother's Day.


The Pemberton Children's Centre presents the Spring into Summer fundraising run set for Sunday, May 30, beginning and ending at One Mile Lake. Participants can enter the five- or 10-kilometre event, which begins at 10 a.m. The entry fee is $15 or $20, which includes a lunch. There will be a prize for first place as well as a draw prize opportunity for entrants.

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The Rick Hansen Wheel Chair Challenge is coming to Pemberton on Saturday, June 12 at the Cottonwood Community Centre parking lot. Registration starts at 9:30 a.m.; the event begins at 10. Teams can pre-register at the community centre. Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion, presented by Scotiabank, brings communities across Canada together to raise money to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury. The challenge is for each team member to complete an obstacle course in a wheelchair and gain a better understanding of what it is like to navigate through life in a wheelchair.

Teams of five people are encouraged to raise a minimum of $1,000 in pledges per team. The three teams raising the most money will receive Wheels in Motion T-shirts. Funds raised go to the Rick Hansen Foundation.