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Alien Messages: Dreaming of a better future

Charo - Kalpana, I’ve been surfing the internet and hearing a lot of scary stuff regarding this COVID-19 pandemic.

Charo - Kalpana, I’ve been surfing the internet and hearing a lot of scary stuff regarding this COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve heard that It is a laboratory virus released on us by the perverse Elite of the super-rich to decimate the population, I’ve also heard that, from now on, the Authorities will insert a microchip in our bodies in order to control us and to know whether we got the obligatory vaccines or not. Have you heard any scary stories, too?

Kalpana - Oh, have I ever! I’ve heard that it was the Chinese Government who came up with this laboratory virus in order to crash the world economy and thus purchase the shares of the main industrial corporations and become the owners of the world. I’ve heard that this pandemic is just an instrument to “reset” the world economy and establish the New World Order, an authoritarian global regime that will practically transform us into slaves.

Charo - I’ve heard that too. I guess I surf the internet a little too much. And also, of course, I receive the mainstream media reporting every two hours the statistics of new deaths and infections, apocalyptic images of people digging mass graves or overwhelmed hospitals with patients laying on the floors. But while all this daunting reality is fed into us by force, both by the mainstream media and the conspiranoid bloggers, where do we fit in the big scheme of things? Because we are the economy. We are the people. We are the ones who decide, so why are we so scared about what others are planning for our future? Shouldn’t WE be planning precisely THAT future instead?

Kalpana - I think we should and I think we must. It is our obligation to plan what comes after this pandemic. We have a lot of time in our hands now, if we are some of the lucky ones that did not get infected. We have time and we have our families around us. It is the perfect moment to use our imagination and create a utopian future in contrast with the dystopian future they are trying to upload in our brains through the Media. It is time to talk to our children about their capacity to create, to build, to connect, to heal the planet. If we don’t do it, I’m sure those perverse super-rich will do it for us.

Charo - Well, we know they have been doing it for many years, but I believe that this Covid-19 situation is a breaking point. A moment where, either we take the reins of our lives and make a change in the world, or the world will follow its vertiginous path of self-destruction with us on it, and we won’t have a say. We will not even be able to complain because we will have just stayed at home, moping at the death statistics or scratching our chins at the dystopian postulates.

Kalpana - The good news is, this Social Media they are using to feed us fear, we can also use to feed ourselves and others with optimism, creative fresh ideas that can help Humankind to grow up and to come out of this pandemic in full bloom, ready to implement new approaches to life.

Charo - And we can create blogs, why not? Utopian blogs encouraging people to collaborate in this necessary renewal of our society. We can generate debate, we can dream. We can dream. And our dreams, once released, once become viral, will be the vehicle of our work toward a better future.

Kalpana - That is the right attitude. Don’t sit down anticipating in fear what the mean handlers of this world have in store for you. Stand up and make that future yourself. You have the creativity, you have the information and you are connected to a lot of people who love you.

Charo - I would like to end this article with an anonymous African adage: “Wherever you are, whether you are a lion or a gazelle, sunrise should find you running.”

Charo Lloret is from Spain; Kalpana Loganathan is from India. They reflect on their experiences immigrating to Canada and settling in Fort St. John.