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Bear Flat Dispatch: Good to see community celebrate

Canada Day is for all Canadians, and that is what we saw in Fort St. John last week.

Perhaps not everyone will agree, but I feel that this year’s Canada Day celebration in Fort St. John was somewhat more special than most years.

Of course, we all just went through the limitations imposed by more than two years of a worldwide pandemic, the discovery of unmarked graves, and impacts from the “heat dome” did put a damper on last year’s celebrations for many. I think that and other reasons contributed to the sense I got from many that 2022 just felt like a good year to go out and have fun on our national holiday.

Most people now feel much more comfortable going out into a crowd and mingling again, and that really does feel good again. The lack of social interaction during Covid did have negative impacts on society in many ways, so to once again become more “social” feels great. Of course, make no mistake that Covid-19 is not over, but it seems that the worst is over.

I was somewhat concerned that the hijacking of the Canadian flag by the anti-vax and anti-Trudeau crowd might have a negative effect on Canada Day, but thankfully that did not seem to be the case. Instead what I saw in town on Canada Day was a sea of people proudly displaying the flag and/or colours that drowned out any possible special interest message. Canada Day is for all Canadians, and that is what we saw in Fort St. John on Friday.

Canada is not perfect, but we are pretty darn good, which is basically the highest rating possible on earth. I think most of us realize how fortunate we are to live where we do, and it felt good to see a community come together to celebrate that.

Ken Boon lives and writes at Bear Flat.

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