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Find fitness this fall

Fall has arrived! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and there is no better time to get yourself started (or back on track) with a fitness program.

Fall has arrived! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and there is no better time to get yourself started (or back on track) with a fitness program. Don't panic if you don't have oodles of time to sweat it out at the gym; research has shown that accumulating as little as 3-10 minute segments of activity a day will improve your health. Let's get started now before the white stuff hits the ground and hibernation mode hits!

First things first; take inventory of the activities you love (and those you hate). Finding an activity you enjoy rather than one you think you should be doing will ensure your success on the path to a fitter you. There are tons of options available in Dawson Creek; the key is to find one you love!

Did you enjoy splashing at Swan or Moonshine during the summer months? Then don't put away your flippers just yet. Sign up for one of the amazing classes available at the Kenn Borek Aquatic Center. Or maybe taking your frustrations out chopping wood on the family holiday invigorated you. Then, sign up for a kickboxing class with Jade Irwin. Enjoy a more gentle approach to fitness? Yoga Works Studio offers both kids and adult yoga classes while Ramona Alexander offers Pilates classes at GridIron.

No discussion of fitness is complete without mentioning the value of a simple walking program. It's good for your heart, muscles, and mind. Get started by walking 15 minutes 3-5x per week. Leave the car at home and walk to work, take a brisk walk at lunch, or enjoy an evening walk with your spouse. And when the white stuff does arrive you can always switch to walking at the indoor track or tying on a pair of snowshoes to keep moving.

Next, after figuring out what activities interest you; sign up. Although drop-in classes are convenient, you are more likely to stay committed to a registered class that you have paid for in advance. The cost of fitness activities is small in comparison to most people's monthly Starbucks budgets.

Finally, stick with your plan. Schedule your activities in your work dayplanner and on your family schedule. Make sure everyone in your house knows that dad (or mom) getting to Bootcamp is just as important as Little Molly getting to dance lessons. It is way too easy for parents to ignore their own needs when they have children. Think of it this way; each time you invest in your own personal health you are giving yourself one more day of health to enjoy your children.

These are just a few ideas. Remember, "Being active" is not about training for a triathlon. Just getting outside and moving has positive benefits. Now is the time to make a positive change. Put down the paper, grab a bottle of water, and head out for a walk in the wonderfully crisp September air. It's the first step on the path to a healthier you. Your body will thank you for it!

Becky Cryne is a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor, CFP Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, and ETW Yoga Exercise Specialist. She can be reached at

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