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Folkmarks - A neater way of making a mess

I was reminded yesterday that I hurt a knee years ago and can't spend any amount of time with my knees bent or get painful consequences.

I was reminded yesterday that I hurt a knee years ago and can't spend any amount of time with my knees bent or get painful consequences. However, I was working on an interesting project and so I spent quite a bit of time sitting on a low stool with bent knees.

Today I'm hobbling around thinking I will do things that require standing up and secretly hope it fixes things. Of course I suspect it won't, but want to try that before a trip to the physiotherapist. I have a routine now it seems. Keep on doing whatever and when it gets too painful go to the physiotherapist and whine. I almost envy people who can go to a surgeon and get a new joint, but I don't envy them much since I hear sometimes people have to have a new joint every ten years or so. If I can keep on moving without surgery I will practice feeling grateful instead of whining.

It seems like October was a month for me to be ill and I certainly hope November is not going to be hobble around month. There's a saying going around that getting old is not for sissies and I admit it's true, but I avoid mirrors so I can pretend I'm thirty nine and hurt my knee playing soccer instead of crouching in front of a painting.

Today I'm going to paint something standing up and I'm so pleased that I thought of a way to leave out my paints and paper and still be able to move things quickly when I need the table, to eat dinner for example. I'm planning to put everything in two large trays so I can move my mess quickly. I didn't have to measure to realize that those trays fit on my deep freezer and my washer and have the dryer left over for another tray.

It amazes me how messy I am when I paint pictures. It's making me think of ways to use pencils or pastels crayons instead of ink and pen. Pencils are easy to work with and everything stays dry. There's no water involved in the clean up. I'm definitely thinking of getting rid of all my paints and going to easy to transport and work with pencils.

I have used pencils to make pictures in the past. In fact, some place in one of my boxes of paper is a picture of a fire lookout tower. I was proud of that picture when I was finished and I don't know why I never had it framed. It was early spring and some of the trees had reddened in preparation to budding out. They looked wonderful and it was a pleasure to draw them, as they were exactly the same colour as a brown/red pencil crayon that I had in my kit. No mixing or blending required.

Being an artist is so much easier now because one need not make anything that can be photographed. I can invent new flowers if I want, since if you want real you can buy a photo. I find I'm so much more relaxed about what I paint, as I never worry about whether anyone will like it or not, but I like to hear what people think.

Once I switch over to dry materials, I suspect I will actually work more often and in more places. You can take pencil crayons and paper on a trip and never worry about spills.

Chalk and charcoal are too messy for me, but many people enjoy using them and you can produce lovely pictures with them. If you use acid free paper and fixative there is no reason not to use powdery materials. I don't want to have to deal with fixative or other methods so I'm sticking to pencil and pastel crayons.

First, I have to use up my water media and that means a mess until the stuff is gone. I'm looking forward to seeing what colours I have left toward the end. It will be a real challenge to use it all, but at least using trays I can hide the evidence of work in progress.

Since arrival to Dawson Creek in 1960, Margo Hannah plants, paints and ponders, utilizing thrift and sloth to accomplish all.

Beefs or bouquets to please.