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It takes a village

It Takes a Village. This old saying about taking a Village to raise a child also rings true about taking a Village to put on a Canada Day Celebration.

It Takes a Village.

This old saying about taking a Village to raise a child also rings true about taking a Village to put on a Canada Day Celebration. To thank the scores of volunteer folk that put forth the effort on this great day is beyond my writing ability. The groups are numerous. Our churches, businesses, societies, and individuals put forth time, money and TLC to make this day the special event that it is.

Our parade is so colorful thanks to the cadets lifting high our proud flags; the RCMP members in their iconic red tunics; the Kiwanis Band keeping the beat going on the long march; the antique car owners that provide rides so that we politicians can ham it up a bit in cars that are cooler than we are; the floats from businesses, service groups and societies that carry forth our theme; our kids on bikes and horses, having their moment in the sun; and let's not forget our firefighters who not only look so good in their uniforms, but are there 24-7-365 to come out to our aid at 3 a.m. in -30 degree weather to guard our lives and property. Let's remember the flaggers that keep the parade and park routes safe, doing so in the face of drivers that really don't want to stop in Pouce.

Listing all of the names would be like a phone book, but there are a few that I'll mention. Two critical men, Councillor Red Merrick and Harold McLeod, who labour all day for the two days preparing, tending and closing off the pit fire on the first day and then tending the meat and bringing it to the kitchen on Canada Day. They get to eat one of Dolly Fynn's home made pies the night before July 1st as their reward. The Pouce Coupe Community Foundation's efforts organizing in the park, the kitchen, games for the kids and music is a job well done. Thanks to Kristen in the Village Office for the many loose ends that she pulls into one cohesive knot; the lads in Public works, and Donna and Barry at the park for their efforts in preparing the grounds; the ladies and gentlemen that keep our kitchen humming all day. And let's not forget that this is not just a one day job, but instead weeks of planning and days of work. Thank you all so much. To the Mayor and Council of Dawson Creek who put aside their town and come help serve in this truly area event, thanks to you and thanks to the EMT's that stand by all day in the event of medical need.

Thanks to the dignitaries, moms and dads, and all the young people who love a parade and line our streets; and the volunteer parade judges that make themselves available to reward the many parade participants. Thank you to our own Council for their efforts in games and meat cutting, a big hand. We look forward to next year with anticipation.

Mayor Lyman ClarkVillage of Pouce Coupe

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