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Judy Kucharuk: Waiting for my next Wordle hit

Simple word game captures imagination

judy​I am just a girl, sitting in front of her computer, trying to solve today’s Wordle puzzle.

Have you tried playing Wordle yet? Close out of your Candy Crush game and head over to Google! Type Wordle in the search area and then click on the website. No fancy downloads required and no membership required – you are immediately ready to play the daily game.

The game Wordle is itself a play on words. The creator, Josh Wardle, developed the game for his partner who loves word games and puzzles. It burst into the mainstream in late 2021 and now has taken the internet by storm.

No fancy colours or flashing icons. Nobody requesting your credit card information or even a password – the Wordle game is there, waiting for you, every day with a new word.

Sure, you can share your results on social (an added feature that popped up in December), but you don’t have to share them. When you share results, it only shows how long it took you to solve it, and how many tries it took to solve (there are only six opportunities). No one wants to be that person, the one who is the spoiler and ruins the game for everyone that day; therefore it becomes the best-kept secret in a place (the internet) where secrets are not the norm.

It is a game that is the antithesis of online games. When you first bring up the site you think, is that all there is to this game? Play it once and you are hooked and like any habit, you cannot wait for your Wordle hit each day.

Oh yeah – only one word game, the same word game for everyone, each day.

I appreciate the game for the simplicity, but also because it works your brain. My grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s disease and I am always looking for ways to exercise my brain as a type of anti-Alzheimer vitamin. I know that games benefit our brains and keep them sharp. I have tried Sudoku (hate it) and occasionally do word search puzzles (meh!), but for some reason Wordle has captured my imagination.

While I do hope that Josh Wardle can somehow benefit financially from his game creation, I also hope that it stays untouched from the capitalist machine. Somehow this simple game is bringing the world together in a way that gives me hope for the future. There is no comment section on the game itself, which means that there is no opportunity for debate or dissension.

Simple game for a return to simpler times.

Judy Kucharuk lives and writes in Dawson Creek.