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LETTER: fluoride in the water, rainbows on the crosswalks

"In my opinion, $6500.00 is better spent on fixing the potholes that plague our city."
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Letter to the Editor: 

Mayor and Council of Fort St. John BC

I write to you today with something that is very puzzling to me. Regarding Rainbow Crosswalk and Fluoride in Drinking Water.

Let's start with Fluoride in Drinking Water. I, and many others have sent letters to Mayor and Council about the harms of Fluoride. Many of us submitted factual studies to back up our claims. It's interesting to know that there are only 3 Municipalities in British Columbia that add Fluoride into the drinking water. If Fluoride is so safe, why are more Municipalities not doing the same? In a response to a letter written to Mayor and Council, Byron Stewart stated that, if we (City of FSJ) were to change this, a REFERENDUM would have to be put forth to the Citizens of FSJ.

Fair enough. I suggest a postcard, mailed to each address in FSJ, with return postage. Participants fill out the BALLOT and drop it into the Mailbox. A simple question: Do you want Fluoride in your Drinking Water? YES or NO. Keep it simple.

Yes, I understand that this will cost money. This is a Democratic way of voting in favor, or not in favor of SOMETHING

Rainbow Crosswalk: I attended the City Hall Public Meeting on Tuesday, May 23, 2023. A Rainbow Crosswalk, at the cost to the TAXPAYERS of $6500.00, was voted in by mayor and council. It's suggested location (Trevor Bolin) between the RCMP Building and City of FSJ Building so they could monitor anyone who vandalizes the Rainbow Crosswalk. 

Question: was there a referendum for this? Was there public Consultation? Do you understand now why I am puzzled? 

Drinking water. Important to.sustain all life needs a REFERENDUM to change what is added = Democracy 

A rainbow crosswalk, No REFERENDUM required= NO Democracy

In my opinion, $6500.00 is better spent on fixing the potholes that plague our city.

I implore you, to spend our TAX dollars wisely and with Consultation with us. You are paid SERVANTS of the People of Fort St. John. We pay your WAGE. You work for us. My late father always said that a little common sense goes a long way. 
It is never wasteful.

Deborah Johnson - Fort St. John BC

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