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LETTER: repairs for Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge and the Old Alaska Highway

Makes traveling for locals easier.
Not the best of conditions.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to ask for repairs and maintenance this summer for the wooden Kiskatinaw Curved Bridge and the Old Alaska Highway. There are really good reasons to invest in these repairs:

It is a tourist attraction for travelers from all across the world. For example, when it was open we met people from Germany taking pictures, and we took pictures for them. Hundreds, even thousands of Americans, yearly travel the Alaska Highway and can no longer access this highlight on the AL-CAN in their RVs.

It makes traveling for locals easier. I have friends across the river that, without the wooden bridge, it take 20 minutes to go to their home, but with the bridge in service, it takes 5 minutes. My mom and this neighbor used to be able to help each other with their farm animals and kids quickly. Now they can't.

It is being destroyed. Vandals are ripping up boards and throwing them off the bridge into the river. The boards are also being burnt in bonfires nearby. This is a rare architectural beauty coming to ruin in our areas because of neglect! This vandalism is also damaging to the natural environment around the Kiskatinaw river.

It is a historic site. The bridge was built in WW2 by Canadians and Americans working together to protect our land from invasion through the north by the Axis powers. We owe it to our veterans to preserve this landmark and honor their sacrifice and service for us.

Thank you for your help and consideration.



Seth Giesbrecht

Old Alaska Highway resident - Grade 7 student

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