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Letter to the editor: A Canada Day poem

Who is Canada? The Prime Minister, the Cabinet, or, broader still, the Politicians on Parliament Hill? No, it’s you and me.


Who is Canada?
The Prime Minister
The Cabinet
Or, broader still
The Politicians on Parliament Hill?
No, it’s you and me
Fishermen out on the open sea
Some from St. John’s or Miramachi
Loggers on Vancouver Island or from the Gaspe 
Computer programmer in a Toronto tower
A nurse in Regina
Who, every hour
Cares for every one that comes her way
It’s a dusty farmer in a field of wheat 
A policeman on a Vancouver street
Or a trucker hauling oil from Fort St. John
It’s people of every colour and race
Each of whom have found a place
Where all are accorded the freedoms that have always shone
In the dreams and hearts of all between our shores

Canada is my neighbour who plowed my driveway after a winter storm
Or the one who helps some homeless person to be warm

We’re all Canadians
We share the same Charter 
With its every right
And you know that I will stand up and fight
If someone tries to take that away from you
That’s ‘cause I’m a Canadian through and through
Even though we differ

Yes we’re people who disagree
Yet still join hands in unity
Protect each other’s freedoms
And right to choose 
You might not be exactly like me
But I’ll speak up for your right to be free
Whether you do like me or decide to refuse
I’m still here for you

Because WE are Canada

You and me

WE are the land of the True North Strong and Free

— David Blaney, Fort St. John

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