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Letter to the editor: Devastating toll of Covid restrictions

Resident says ongoing care home restrictions affecting families, caregivers, and staff

I have not been allowed into Peace Villa care home in Ft. St. John to visit my husband of 56 years since Oct. 12, 2021. 

The mandated restrictions have been lifted for all unvaxxed persons for everywhere but the care home.

Unvaxxed family can take a resident to any large gathering, or even overnight, then return the resident to the care home, no questions asked. 

On the other hand, even with a negative Antigen test, following all safety regulations, I cannot visit one on one.

Where is the rationale for that? What is the greater risk?

Not only as a spouse, but also with committeeship of my husband, I am still denied entry to the care home. 

He has many impairments, including mobility, so I am unable to take him home for a visit.

As an essential care partner, there would be a second pair of eyes, ears, voice, and support for his needs, comfort, safety, and security.

I am not asking for total exemption, I only want to provide care and comfort to my husband, more than just an actual visitation.

An active family role would provide physical, mental, and emotional support for the resident, while also assisting nurses in their role.

The impacts and harms as a result of these excessive, ongoing restrictions, have been widely experienced by those receiving care, their caregivers, families, and staff alike.

There needs to be balanced mitigation between safety, risks, and the well-being and psycho-social support of seniors.

Not just locking them away in isolation, depressed and alone, not able to understand why, and left completely powerless.

This has gone on far too long with far too many negative results, with a devastating toll on many.

Gail Israel
Fort St. John 

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