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Letters: Cultural centre decision a 'deep dissappointment'

Long-time resident says the city's takeover of the cultural centre is appalling.
The North Peace Cultural Centre.

 I have written to the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Fort St. John as follows:

As a long-time resident of this city, who's father was in his time an Alderman and who's mother was among those who raised a good deal of money for the renovation of the building, and who has himself supported many of the activities conducted there, I am appalled that you would make a decision to evict the North Peace Cultural Society from the Cultural Centre in a closed meeting with no explanation to the broader interested public of your reasons for finding such a drastic action necessary, and apparently no effort to engage the broader interested public in any search for alternatives.

Yours in deep disappointment,


Joseph S. Temple

We’re interested in the community’s feedback on the cultural centre. Please send your letters and comments to reporter Tom Summer at, they can be anonymous if you so choose.