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Letters: Feet on the ground make a change

Council candidate responds to mental health story
Mental health
With self-isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic, staying aware of your mental health and seeking help if you need it is becoming more and more important.

Re: 'Fort St. John RCMP looks for solutions as mental health calls rise', Alaska Highway News, March 31

The city we live in is amazing in so many ways but we are far from perfect. There is a large gap in the mental health support for our community. The CAR program is without a doubt a great move in right direction! These types of partnerships are an example of how all levels of government can work together to address situations. Dealing with mental health and addictions only in points of crisis is not a solution but it is movement toward change, which I appreciate.

Unfortunately Fort St. John struggles in maintaining long term RCMP members, which is a very relevant issue. On top of that, expecting already over worked and under appreciated nurses (in this case psychiatric nurses) to be involved, may be a struggle. Mental health and addictions is not strictly the responsibility of the provincial government, and to be frank I am tired of hearing the "pass the buck" mentality. We are the feet on the ground, we are the ones who need to make a change.

We need to ENGAGE our community in these discussions, we need to to get all BUSINESS (non-profit organizations and for-profit business) involved in a meaningful way. We need to do this for our FAMILIES!

— Tom Whitton, City Council Nominee

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