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Letters: Site C erosion raises serious questions

Resident responds to diversion channel repairs
Sloughing along the upstream river diversion tunnel outlet at Site C is shown in this reader submitted photo.

Re: 'BC Hydro shores up Site C river diversion channel', Alaska Highway News, March 23

The lame response by BC Hydro to the revelation that the Site C river diversion outlet channel has an erosion problem requiring emergency repairs is sadly not surprising.  

Clearly this outlet structure was not designed or built properly when it is now eroding under normal conditions. Whether this will actually endanger the diversion tunnels or not is unclear to me, but trying to fix this problem now will obviously be difficult when the water can no longer be “turned off.” I can well imagine that there is (or should be) a lot of soul searching going on right now on why this was not built properly while it was in “dry dock” and easy to work on.

Of course this raises a more serious question: If BC Hydro cannot engineer a simple channel properly, how can we trust them to engineer and achieve a fix for the sinking dam foundation with billions of dollars and public safety at risk?

— Ken Boon, Bear Flat

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