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Moose kill plan idiotic

Re: 'Hunters, outdoorsmen protest B.C.'s plan to cull 400 moose', Alaska Highway News, Sept.

Re: 'Hunters, outdoorsmen protest B.C.'s plan to cull 400 moose', Alaska Highway News, Sept. 24, 2020

I am a member and an elder of the Saulteau First Nation and absolutely in disbelief and disgust at the notion that a moose cull is being planned to save some caribou in the area. The culprits who came up with this idea are indeed idiots.

In my 70 years of life in northeastern B.C. I have eaten caribou once (didn’t like it) and it has never been part of my diet. However, moose meat has been a survival food for my family since childhood and hope that continues for my grandchildren as well. However, it appears the province and a few idiots are attempting to trample over my rights without any consideration for my way of life. It doesn’t take any scientific evidence to realize that this is a stupid idea, it only takes common sense.

I think the notion of a moose cull should be quashed and forgotten about immediately because of its stupidity and absolute waste of a good food source for First Nations. There has been a decline in moose numbers in the Peace country, which is very noticeable to First Nations and consequently very difficult for everyday survival.

Moose is the main staple in many First Nation families and it has become increasingly difficult to put food on the table lately because of the decline in moose numbers. A moose cull would just add more hunger and misery to an already destitute situation for many First Nation people.

I don’t believe that a moose cull is essential and it will not solve the caribou situation no matter how you look at it. Thank you for your attention.

— Vern Lalonde, Saulteau First Nation

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