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Much irony in the provincial government

I write today to comment on the glaring irony being seen from the provincial government on two fronts.

I write today to comment on the glaring irony being seen from the provincial government on two fronts. 

Weather related flooding in some circumstances requires chartered jet travel for a couple hour visit, while in other preventable circumstances, where over 80 kms of  the fertile Peace River Valley is to be deliberately flooded without proven need, nothing is done and the displaced residents, rather than being accommodated, are being delivered ultimatums to be out of their homes many years in advance of the flooding. While flood events require attention from the Provincial Emergency Program staff, a visit from the Premier is a distraction for Mayors and administrators with more to do during these events than grandstanding. 

Secondly, where much concern has been indicated by the Premier regarding return of artifacts from neighbouring countries, the current B.C. provincial government is more than willing to flood a valley containing artifacts from some of the oldest known habituated sites in the province.  Again, the concern shown looks to be more about grandstanding than taking action to preserve artifacts and a valley that is to be flooded for no reason.   

The power to be produced has no domestic market according to BC Hydro’s declining sales numbers, and will be too expensive to sell to any jurisdiction with access to natural gas-generated power for decades to come.

 Lessons need to be learned from the Muskrat Falls project in Newfoundland and Labrador as to accurate and complete load forecasting and cost estimates where that politically motivated project has escalated to well over double the original to $11.1 billion. The project has been described by the new Minister appointed to the portfolio as a “boondoggle” that never should have been allowed to happen. Ratepayers there are seeing huge increases to cover costs of the failed project. Will Site C be different? Why will it be?

Ask yourself, should we be willing to trust a desperate political party that has deliberately bypassed any and all oversight by the organizations (BCUC, ALC) that have been put in place to prevent this exact type of thing from happening?

Bob Fedderly, Charlie Lake