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Ruby McBeth: A view from the rodeo parade

'You can’t force people to care about the natural environment, but if you encourage them to connect with it, they just might'
Scene from the Dawson Creek Rodeo parade.

We went to Dawson Creek last Friday for the Rodeo Parade. As is our custom, we went early for the pancake breakfast outside St. Mark’s Anglican Church. We parked nearby so that we could watch the parade from the back of our car. The crowd was smaller than usual – more family groups instead of a bunch of people pushing to get in front for a good view.

I was most impressed by the old stage coach pulled by horses. I got to wave at Carreen Forrest (daughter of Gavin Holmes a long-time Fort St. John resident who passed away in 2018). Carreen was in the parade with her husband advertising their business.

Fort St. John Airport

Airports make me feel nostalgic reminding me of past holidays. When we took our daughter Joyce out to the airport a few weeks ago for her flight, I noticed some interesting displays. At the west end there is a chainsaw carving of an eagle donated by the District of Chetwynd. On a wall nearby is a modern art painting. Arctech welding has an award-winning metal work of an eagle catching a fish, and above the Hudson’s Hope museum display case is an impressive sculpture of a pack train.

There are also displays from the Fort St. John museum and a Northern Dance Theatre Society. A replica of Jimmy Anderson’s Jackpine Savage airplane is suspended from the ceiling over the coffee shop. Opposite you will find travel brochures for northern B.C. Even if you are not travelling you might enjoy going to the airport to browse around.

Archery anyone?

The New Totem Archery Club is open on Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 p.m., and Sunday afternoons 2 to 4 p.m. It costs $10 for non-members each time they come. As a member, Lorne can go out whenever he wants so we often go out after supper. It is very peaceful out there on the range. Phone Graham at 250-793-7304 if you have questions.

Learning the lingo

This week’s words 'hardware' and 'software' use the vocabulary we have been learning. Hardware is the computer, keyboard, and mouse. That makes sense doesn’t it. They are permanent. Software on the other hand is programs that you put into your computer – those apps represented by icons. They tell the hardware what to do.

Quote of the week

“You can’t force people to care about the natural environment, but if you encourage them to connect with it, they just might.” — Jennifer Nini

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John