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Ruby McBeth: Bickfords celebrate 60 loving years

Bill and Heather Bickford were married on Vancouver Island and moved to Fort St. John in the summer of '65
Bill and Heather Bickford, August 19, 1961. They were married on Vancouver Island before moving to Fort St. John. (Supplied)

I want to congratulate the Bickfords on their 60th wedding anniversary. 

Bill and Heather Bickford were married on Aug. 19, 1961, in the Brentwood Bay United Church on Vancouver Island and moved to Fort St. John in the summer of 1965. Their first ¾ of farmland was purchased the following year and after 55 years has developed into the Bickford Farms it is today.

Bill and Heather have two children Sharlene (Rick) and Gary (Rachelle); five grand girls Sarah, Rebecca, Robyn, Jessie, Maddy; and two great grandchildren William and Scarlett.


In the past month our area has lost three seniors who were faithful churchgoers over the years. 

Recently Jim Bell died. Jim was active in choirs and a member of the Christian Life Church. Pastor Art Voth was remembered at a service at the Evangelical Mission in July. Marcel Brule’s presence will be missed at the Church of the Resurrection.

Peace Villa Volunteers

There are two updates that concern Peace Villa volunteers: the criminal record check is now done online and proof of COVID-19 vaccination is now required.

At this point visitors to Peace Villa are not required to have vaccinations. All visitors must wear masks but those with two doses of vaccination can remove their masks when they get to the room of their friend.

Canning Update

When I canned peache,s the no name lids that Lorne had ordered online for me did not all seal. I recommend buying the Bernardin lids if you can get them.

Lighten the load

The museum is having a garage sale on Aug. 14. If you have extras you want to dispose of, bring them along to the museum.


The Seniors Hall is looking for a Bingo Manager. If you are interested call Wendy Clayson at 250-785-9193.

Learning the lingo

Our word of the week is again ‘backup.’ Many people use an external hard drive to backup their material. This is a little box the size of a cell phone with a cord attached for plugging it into your computer. Google “backing up using an external hard drive” to learn all about it.

Quote of the Week

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” - Joyce Meyer

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.