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Ruby McBeth: Farewell to Margaret Fenton

Margaret was a member of the Sunrise Two Rivers WI, which is how I got to know her
Lorne McBeth assembles a greenhouse, a Mother’s Day present for his wife Ruby.

I was sad to hear that Margaret Fenton had died. Margaret was a member of the Sunrise Two Rivers WI, which is how I got to know her. She will be known to many of you as the woman whose stories of life in residential school are told in the books written by her daughter-in-law. Margaret had a gentle way about her which I admired.

Fond memories of the 1950s

Arthur Hadland forwarded a short video to me with songs from the 50s like “Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream”, “I saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus”, and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

There is a page from a Fun with Dick and Jane reader, Classic 50s cars, those ubiquitous cigarette ads, Bobby socks and saddle shoes. While this seven-minute video was obviously made in the States, there is enough common to us to make it fun. Search for Fond Memories of the 1950s at

Federal budget

The federal budget presented to parliament on April 19, 2021, proposes that the Old Age Security (OAS) for pensioners 75 or older as of June 2022 will have a one-time payment of $500 this August. It also proposes an increase to regular OAS benefits by 10% on an ongoing basis for pensioners age 75 and older starting in July 2022. Sadly, there is no reference to Pharmacare in this federal budget.

Virtual walk-in clinic

Northern Health has a new online clinic; phone 1-844-655-7811 to connect. While primarily for people who don’t have a family doctor, it is open to all on weekends outside office hours for ailments such as asthma ear aches, sprains caused by minor accidents and falls, and mild back pain. Google to find the website “Northern Health Virtual clinic.”

Learning the Lingo

Today’s words are desktop computer, monitor, and computer tower. The first home computers that came out in 1977 were called desktop computers because they fit on a desk top. They had four parts: the screen called a monitor, the brains of the computer called the tower, the keyboard, and the mouse. On some computers the brains were housed within the monitor. This was common in Macintosh computers. Having the tower separate meant it could be put under the desk and so not take up so much space.

Quote of the week

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.” - Charles Schultz

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.