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Ruby McBeth: Flowers for seniors and getting ready for second vaccine dose

'Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.'
From left, Wendy Clayson, Rita Schonewille, Linda Carroll, and Deb Vandal assembling packages of plants and cards to be delivered to local seniors.

Wendy Clayson president of the Seniors Club has been working with the Covid Task Force. 

She passed along the following good news: “Volunteers have assembled cheery flowering plants with lovely cards made by local students. They are being delivered to our seniors. Thanks to the many donations of time and money from our businesses and volunteers.”

Second dose

Lorne and I both have appointments for our second dose, yes! I had gone online to register a week ago. When the email telling Lorne to book his appointment came, I started the booking and ran into a snag. I was not able to book the date. I phoned the number (1-833-838-2323), they answered right away, and completed it for me. The next day my email arrived, and I booked online with no problem.

Hope Air

Hope Air provides free flights and accommodation for people in financial need who travel far from home for medical care. Connect with them toll free 1-877-346-HOPE (4673).

Rhythmic gymnastics

Lala Kramarenko is a two-time Russian national all-around silver medalist and a three-time Russian Junior National all-around champion in individual rhythmic gymnastics. Watch the video below to see this young woman and others in their beautiful performances.

Mama Moose

We are keeping an eye open for Mama Moose who has had her calf out at our farm for the past four years. Although there are now many horses on the farm they are not in the area where “Dorothy” usually had her calf. Let’s hope she is not scared off by the farm dogs and nearby horses.

Learning the lingo

Our word of the week is ‘Bluetooth’. Bluetooth is a way for you to connect a device to a computer without any wires. So, my hearing aids will hear music on my iPad if Bluetooth is activated on my iPad and is connected to my hearing aids. I can also hear my phone or the television directly into my hearing aids if Bluetooth is activated. People who don’t need hearing aids can use ear buds to connect to a device using Bluetooth.

Money for energy efficiency

I see that the federal government is offering homeowners up to $5,000 for making their homes more energy efficient. Examples they give are insulation, roof panels, high efficiency water heaters or heating equipment, and solar panels. I am definitely interested.

Quote of the week

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.” - Marcel Proust

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.