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Ruby McBeth: Old map leads us down historic highway route

Before 1942 there was a road to Fort St. John — it just wasn’t the Alaska Highway
A section of the old highway between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John where it comes out of the bush on the north side of the Kiskatinaw.

On the May long weekend, Lorne and I investigated the old highway from Dawson Creek to Fort St. John. Before 1942 there was a road to Fort St. John — it just wasn’t the Alaska Highway. Lorne had found a map printed in 1952 that showed the old highway as a dotted line. It started out on the west side of Dawson Creek and headed north on Road 221, turned west to Kilkerran, north to Sweetwater Road, west and north again. 

It crossed the Kiskatinaw about a mile and a half east of the old Kiskatinaw bridge. We were told that from Sweetwater Road to Tower Lake Road there are obstacles: private land, impassible trails, and wild animals making it best to check out this section on Google Earth. Road 39 to Tower Lake follows near where the old highway was. It turned west on Road 226 to join the present Alaska Highway. At the top of the South Taylor Hill, the road went west on the Pingel Creek Road and came down the hill.

Doug Wiles

If you go into the east door of the Pomeroy Sport Centre, you will see a tribute to Doug Wiles. We see that Doug was made a life member of the Fort St. John Light Horse Association and that he was appreciated for his work with minor hockey. Checking out this cabinet is safe and easy since it is in an open area.

Seniors Club

The executive of the Seniors Club met on May 27. It was decided that bingo would start in September. More news coming soon.

Thank You

We people over 70 couldn’t wait for our vaccinations as it was a matter of self-preservation. For those under 70 it is a bit different; the risk of getting severe Covid is lower. As more young people get vaccinated, this summer could be a lot more normal. Thank you, younger and young people for taking the trouble to get vaccinated.

Learning the lingo

This week’s word is ‘WiFi’. Like Bluetooth, WiFi is about connecting things wirelessly. That is where the comparison ends. WiFi is used for connecting computers to networks – big connections – while Bluetooth was for connecting little things like a mouse to a computer. It is like the difference between a banquet (WiFi) and a coffee (Bluetooth), big versus small.

Quote of the week

“Memories are like a garden. Regularly tend the pleasant blossoms, and remove the invasive weeds.” - Linda Fifer Ralphs

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.