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Ruby McBeth: Remembering our friend Brian Low

Brian taught in many schools in the North Peace
Brian and Joan Low lived in the Peace area for 52 years before moving south and building their retirement home on land between Vernon and Falkland.

Retired teacher Brian Low died on Oct. 2, in Vernon. Ruth Ann Darnall tells me that Brian, along with Don Angus, started the Retired Teachers Association up here. 

Brian and his wife Joan moved south and built their retirement home on land between Vernon and Falkland. Joan tells me that they lived in the Peace area for 52 years and were very sad to have to sell their home in Montney because of Brian’s poor health. She said that Brian taught in many schools in the North Peace beginning at Central Elementary (on second teaching shift), then Taylor, Alwin Holland, Charlie Lake, Upper Pine, and in the Correspondence Branch of the school District before his retirement in 1997. 

He continued to volunteer his time in the school system and the Literacy Society. He participated in Paddle for the Peace for over 10 years. 

Women’s Centre

Having heard that the Women’s Resource Centre was wanting donations I phoned for details. Their most urgent needs include the following: pull ups (all sizes), diapers size 5&6, senior Depends in all sizes, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, razors, canned meats (e.g., Spam, chicken, ham), canned fruit and veggies, Mr. Noodles in a cup, laundry pods, blankets, pillows, and towels. 

They ask that if you are donating blankets or towels you wash them first. If you have questions phone 250-787-1121. The Women’s Resource Centre is west of the cultural centre on 100 Avenue. 

Baldonnel WI

It was good to see my fellow Baldonnel WI sisters at Ethelann Stewart’s home on Oct. 13. The regular meeting was followed by a delicious lunch (including pumpkin pie) and then the Annual General Meeting. Officers elected were Norma Currie as president, Ethelann Stewart as vice-president, Elaine German secretary, Norma Beaudoin treasurer, and Georgina Hollman director. There will be no Christmas bazaar this year because of COVID. 

Learning the Lingo

This week’s term is ‘emoticon’. This word was created from the words emotion and icon. Originally emoticons were made from the usual keyboard characters; for example, :-) for a happy face. 

These days emoticons are little cartoons, and there are many different options for facial expressions and other little pictures. You can select emoticons from a list when you create a text message or a post on Facebook (click on the little smiling face to see the list.)

Quote of the Week

“Life is short, and it’s up to us to make it sweet.” - Sarah Louise Delany

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.