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Ruby McBeth: Seniors club re-elects executive

'The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool'
The Fort St. John Senior Citizens Association greatly appreciate the generous donation of $1000 from George Smithson and Joyce Fleck on March 17, 2022. This money will go toward the lunch program.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Fort St. John Seniors Club, each of the officers was re-elected. Wendy Clayson continues as President, Jim Vandewark as Vice-President, Bob Trobak as Treasurer, and Deb Vandal as Secretary. Directors are Dean May, Richard Compart, John Van Dyken, and Claudette LePage. 

The executive has been active in soliciting funds for a lunch program. As a result, seniors will be able to have free lunches on social days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) for the next year. In his presentation of the financial statement, Bob Trobak made it clear that the Club needs additional sources of revenue. Taxes and insurance costs have gone up and revenue has gone way down. 

The Fort St. John Metis Society asked to rent a room in the building as an office. A vote was held and it was agreed that we would rent out the pool room. One pool table will be moved into the room where table tennis is played while the smaller pool table will be sold. There is already a net across half the room used for table tennis so pool players will not get bopped on the head with table tennis balls.

Rapid Response Tests

Before I attended the Baldonnel WI meeting, I tested myself with the rapid response COVID test. There are two choices to gather a sample. You can shove it way up your nose or you can just go in a half inch. As you can imagine, I chose the latter. 

It is worth trying the process when you aren’t in a rush just to learn how. You know the rapid response tester is valid if a red line appears on the gauge beside the C (which stands for control). If a pink line appears under the red line beside the T (for test), it means you are positive for COVID. 

I did not realize that pink will appear and spread all the way up the test area first then disappear after about 10 minutes. The pharmacist assured me that was normal. Only if the pink line appears below the red control line do you have a positive test.

April Fool’s Day

Google ‘History channel April Fools’ Day’. There is some history and some epic jokes such as the record spaghetti crop of 1957.

Quote of the Week

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” (Richard P. Feynman)

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.

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