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Ruby McBeth: The birds are back

On a recent trip up the Milligan Creek road, I spied a pond close to the road with ducks, geese and swans.
Watching the geese and ducks at a pond in Milligan Creek.

On a recent trip up the Milligan Creek road, I spied a pond close to the road with ducks, geese and swans. It was on the north side of the road just before the cut-off to the Doig.

I got Lorne to drive past the pond so as not to scare the birds. That way I could get out of the car and put on the telephoto lens. I got some pictures, but the best picture was when I walked closer and scared the swans into flight. 

Travel restrictions

Although we no longer live on our farm, our daughter and her husband do, and Lorne has been going out there to set up his archery targets. The horses are currently in the yard to eat the grass down. They are very lazy horses, but if you open a gate, they are there in a flash. This means that I must watch the gate while Lorne drives through. 

I got to thinking this was sort of like COVID travel restrictions. If we have restrictions in place, COVID-19 won’t be able to stampede to wherever it wants. We can relax a bit, knowing there is some control. Sure, it is a nuisance opening and closing the gate at the farm, but the horses are there and we don’t want them running loose. 

Fort St. John byelection

Due to COVID-19, all qualified electors have the choice to vote by mail for this by-election. If you live in the Peace Villa, the Heritage Manors, or the Lutheran Apartments the voting people will come to you. Nice, eh! 

The rest of us can ask for a vote-by-mail package by phoning 250-787-8150 or by sending our information by email to 

They need to know your full name, residential address, and whether you want your ballot mailed to you or plan to pick it up at City Hall. Mail in ballots need to arrive by 8 p.m. May 15. 

Learning the lingo

Your technology word of the week is browser. A browser is an application (app) that we can use to look at things on the internet. Examples of browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer. You will have one of these installed on your computer. A browser is like a library, and websites are like the books.

Quote of the Week

“We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.” - Blaise Pascal 

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.