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Ruby McBeth: Wild elusive nature

This has been a good week for us seeing animals in the wild but not a good one for getting photos of them.
Community Thrift Shop Owner Edna Yaeger next to her Remembrance Day display outside her store on 100 Avenue.

This has been a good week for us seeing animals in the wild but not a good one for getting photos of them. 

We saw white-tailed deer twice: once on our way back from the farm in Baldonnel. It was just two and a half miles up the 249 Road from our farm when we saw one bouncing across the road. Then we saw three when we were investigating the 249 Road south of the Peace River.

On that same trip we saw a lynx further south on the 249. It crossed the road in front of us and paused there in the bush staring out at us. It moved before we could get a picture. Then here at home, looking out our kitchen window in Fort St. John, I saw a blue jay on our spruce tree. That is the first blue jay I have seen in town.

I am resolved to have my camera more handy in the future.

Enjoyable Reading

Lately Lorne has been enjoying Smith and Other Events: Tales of the Chilcotin by Paul St. Pierre. Paul St. Pierre was an author and politician in the Cariboo. When I went onto the Fort St. John Library’s website, I found that they have three books by St. Pierre.

I phoned the library to see if they still deliver to seniors. They said Jill was in charge of getting books out to people who were not able to come in. Jill will help you with your order and either deliver them or mail them to you. If you do not have a library number just phone 250-785-3731 and she can arrange for you to get one.

Micro Event

You can still get in on the music night as it was postponed. It is at the Seniors’ Hall on Friday, Nov. 19. Kelsey Tyerman is handling the booking. Phone 778-557-7231 or email Event #7, the internet training, will be held next Wednesday at Buzzybody Enterprises at 10511 100 Avenue.

Mood Lifter

Jann Arden has joined the Toronto Doane School’s beginner guitar players in a delightful video presentation of the Song “Try a Little Kindness.” It will cheer up your day. 

Learning the Lingo

This week’s word is ‘blog’. The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’. Blogs are often online diaries or newsletters.

Pun of the Week

When you teach a wolf to meditate, he becomes awarewolf.

Ruby McBeth lives and writes in Fort St. John.