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Statement from the publisher on the cultural centre

We hope there will be a peaceful resolution for all parties involved with the cultural centre.
The North Peace Cultural Centre.

To the Fort St. John Community,

As you, the readers, may have noticed recently, we have been publishing a number of letters from the community and local government in regards to the current issue involving our North Peace Cultural Centre.  The issue regarding the Cultural Centre has evoked a number of passionate responses from various artists, community members and local City officials. As the Publisher and Regional Manager, I believe it is both valuable and beneficial to provide a forum for dialogue and thus, community engagement about local issues within our city.

The Alaska Highway News, is first and foremost a community paper. 

Both of our editors, Matt Preprost and Rob Brown, have and currently are involved in the arts community in Dawson Creek and Fort St John. Therefore, I have directed both editors to not participate in the issue involving the Cultural Centre due to a potential conflict of interest. Tom Summer, one of our reporters, has been responsible for managing all the information being provided to the community on the issues.

Fort St John is a city full of engaged and vested community members, and its citizens have long benefited from the time, dedication, and commitment of local volunteers. I believe in volunteering and I myself, have contributed thousands of hours to various committees and non-profit organizations in both Dawson Creek and Fort St John. As a local paper, we are committed to writing about local issues and we are dedicated to the promotion of local organizations within our city.  We live in a community that is rich in history, culture and diversity and one in which, I am very proud to be a member of.

My hope is that the Cultural Centre Society, the City of Fort St John, and community members will work toward a resolution that is acceptable to all parties.  As a paper, we have provided you with a significant amount of material that has been submitted.  We will now leave this to all those involved in the decision making process to hopefully resolve their differences and move forward in continuing to make our city a wonderful place to live.


William Julian

Regional Manager Alaska Highway News