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Time to pay the piper

So we have a water shortage, hardly unexpected.

So we have a water shortage, hardly unexpected. Perhaps if the millions of "Fair Share" dollars had been used for the original purpose, "infrastructure" instead of "capital projects", we could by now have a pipeline to the Murray or Pine and have a much better source of water. However, we do have a multiplex.Regarding our Phase 3 water restriction, I understand that commercial/industrial haulers are allowed to fill Super B's and resell our water at up to and exceeding three times their cost to purchase; do they need treated water for industrial use? What is wrong with getting their raw water from the Peace or other rivers, cost convenience? In fact, anyone with a water tank has unrestricted access to our supply, to buy and use for any purpose, domestic, watering lawns, filling garden ponds or dugouts, all at the detriment of the citizens of our city. No city bylaw officer to ticket them for misuse.I realize that our economic boom, with all of the spin-off jobs, is of great importance to our area and much welcomed, but once again the residential taxpayers of Dawson Creek are left holding an empty bucket, due to years of mismanaging the Fair Share revenue.

Glen Dalke,Dawson Creek

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