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Turkeys, goblins, and grain dust are in the air.

Turkeys, goblins, and grain dust are in the air. With turkey dinner and bags of candy looming on the horizon I decided it was time for a seasonal workout that would burn some pumpkin pie calories and remind us that fitness doesn't always have to happen in the gym. You might want to head to the farm to gather your equipment: 4 square hay bales, a 10lb pumpkin, and 4-5 lb pumpkins are required. For extra fun (or to really make your neighbours think you've lost it) feel free to wear your Halloween costume during your workout!
First things first, you need to set up your workout space. Place the bales in a straight line approximately 10 feet from each other then place all of your 5 lb pumpkins on the first bale.
Next in our seasonally inspired workout comes the warm-up. A brisk 10 minute walk around the block should do the trick. Breathe in the fresh air, admire the fallen leaves, and laugh at the looks your neighbours give you (remember, you're wearing your Halloween costume!)
For the main workout, complete the list of exercises listed below in order. Perform each exercise for 1 minute, move to the next exercise without rest, and when you're done, complete the entire circuit one more time.
Pumpkin squat with overhead press. Holding your 10 lb pumpkin, stand with feet hip distance apart. Hold the pumpkin with a wide grip at chest height. As you inhale, bend your knees and lower into a squat position. As you exhale, press the pumpkin overhead and return to a standing position.
Bale/Pumpkin Shuttle Run. Stand at the first bale. Pick up a pumpkin and sprint forward. Stop and set your pumpkin on the second bale, then jog backwards to the start. Pick up another pumpkin and repeat, this time going to the third bale. Back at the start, pick up another pumpkin and sprint it to the fourth bale. Now that all the pumpkins are on bale 4, sprint there and pick up one pumpkin at a time to return them all back to the start.
Pumpkin pushup. Place one hand on the pumpkin and the other on the floor and get into a push up position. As you inhale lower your entire body towards the ground and as your exhale press back to the start position.
Bale Zigzag Drill. Start at the first bale and jog in a zigzag pattern between the bales to the end. Repeat from the end to the start as many times as you can in one minute.
Bale Tricep Dips. Sit on a bale with your legs straight out in front of you, toes pointed to the sky. Place your hands directly beside either hip, with fingers facing forward. Scoot your bum off the bale and as you inhale, bend your elbows to lower your bum towards the ground (but don't touch). Then, on an exhale, straighten your elbows to return to the start position. Engage your lower traps to ensure your ears don't start creeping towards your shoulders.
Bale Step-ups. Stand in front of a bale and use your right leg to step up onto the bale. Bring your left leg to meet it, and then lower down to the start position with your right leg (left leg follows). Continue this sequence alternating lead legs. For more challenge, jog up and down onto the bale.
Pumpkin lunge with press. Stand with feet hip distance apart and hold the pumpkin with bent elbows at chest height. As you inhale, step back with your right foot and lower your back knee straight to the floor. At the same time, press the pumpkin away from your chest straightening your elbows. As you exhale, step forward and bring the pumpkin back close to your chest. Repeat on the other side.
Plyometric Bale Jumps. Stand in front of a bale with your feet together and hands by hips. Swing your arms back, bend your knees then propel yourself onto the bale taking your arms to chest height. Pause momentarily then jump back slowly to the ground. Please note this exercise should only be performed by advanced fitness enthusiasts and is not a good choice for those just starting out.
Pumpkin twist. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and lean back slightly. Hold the pumpkin out in front of your chest and then slowly twist from your core, moving the pumpkin to the left, back to the center, and then to the right.
Bale Knee-ins. Sit at the end of a bale with your feet on the ground. Lean back slightly and place your hands on either side of the bale to support yourself. Lift your legs off the ground and then bend your knees towards your chest. Then, straighten your legs (don't lower them) and bend them again. Repeat over and over for one minute.
Pumpkin Plank. Place your hands on either side of the pumpkin and hold your knees off the ground in a pushup position. Draw your navel to the spine, look straight down at the floor and hold this position for 15-60 seconds.
That's it. You completed my seasonally inspired workout. But, don't head inside just yet. Take a few minutes to stretch all the major muscle groups in your body and then go lay in the pile of leaves in your yard for a few minutes of relaxation. Remember, exercise should be fun (maybe even a bit crazy!). Have a great Thanksgiving and a Happy Halloween. Your body will thank you for it!
Becky Cryne is a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor, CFP Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, and ETW Yoga Exercise Specialist. She can be reached at

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