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What kind of lightbulbs do you use?

What kind of light bulbs do you use: incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), or light emitting diode (LED)? What is the difference and why does it matter? Choosing the right bulb can save money and time.

Let children play, grow and farm safely

Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful experience for children; however, without proper supervision it can result in tragedy. .

Chew the News

EASTER: Sunday was Easter. A time to think of miracles. In Ottawa there was a rumor of an Easter miracle -- Michael Ignatieff saying something nice about Stephen Harper. It turned out to be untrue.

Please think again

To the Dawson Creek City Council, I read in the March 12 edition of The Mirror that you are signing a statement wanting to make it illegal for parents to physically punish (spank) their children.

Not smarter than a fifth grader

The headline March 25 "SD59 votes yes to Bibles" caught me by complete surprise, mostly because I thought we were smarter than this.

From bleakest of times emerges a treasure

When our children were little, we would gather, with their cousins, at the home of their grandparents on Easter Sunday morning for the traditional egg hunt.

A common belief motivates the desire for Christian unity

A family can be a diverse entity. Siblings, sharing their parents' genetic material and growing up in the same environment, are often dramatically different. Even though a family shares common bonds of love, a family may experience disunity.