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Making a difficult decision

Dear Editor and Co-op members,I wish to thank all the members of Dawson Co-op for their support during the last couple of years. My commitment to the Co-op is something I take very seriously.

Cruelty to animals diminishes the human heart

This summer, two unrelated incidents involving animals, one domesticated and the other wild, disturbed us. In the first incident, our cat of fifteen years had an altercation with the resident band of raccoons. Our pet was traumatized and injured.

Kirstyn's Korner: Is it the weekend yet?

My, oh my, what a week! We've only been back to school for less than a week and I'm already praying for weekends. The sad part of that is, school so far is awesome. Of course though, everyone - especially me - loves their sleep and free time.

How to get the most out of your yoga class

The fall season brings an influx of new people into yoga studios everywhere. Some people try a class to improve their flexibility, others to decrease stress, and others just want to see what it is all about.

Shale gas is not bringing prosperity

I feel I must comment on Jay Hill's last horse hockey MP Report. Shale gas is not bringing prosperity to B.C. or to any other part of Canada. We would be better off with no foreign resource extraction at all.

Waiting for my refund from the fall fair

The Dawson Creek Fall Fair; still a grassroots-driven celebration of our history and heritage or a greed-driven corporate enterprise? I was left pondering that question following my recent experience at the Dawson Creek Fall Fair and Rodeo.

Kirstyn's Korner: The school year begins

So here it is. Back to school. Back to school? Already? I mean, didn't summer just start? As if last year didn't fly by fast enough, now a whole new one is coming up. Back to actually sleeping at night and getting up at a half decent hour.

Let's look at the numbers

To the Editor,I would like to point out some very important topics about the proposed Effluent Plant between our City (Dawson) and Shell Canada . The Posted Contract in the Dawson Creek Daily News on Friday Aug 27 2010 has the following information.

$mart Money: Why does anyone care about gold?

Gold is an interesting investment. It's got a few thousand years of history on its side, and right now gold is very much in vogue, with nominal prices setting new record highs.

Find fitness this fall

Fall has arrived! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and there is no better time to get yourself started (or back on track) with a fitness program.