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Into Fitness - Avoiding the barbecue blues this summer

Barbequed burgers with extracheese, grilled ribs slathered inBBQ sauce, double decker icecream cones, cotton candy, andcreamy potatoe salad.

Into Fitness - Yoga any time of the day for busy people

Don't have time to commit to aregular yoga practice? Don'tsweat it. You can still reap thebenefits of some great yogaposes in 5-15 minute segments wheneveryou have the time.

The green-eyed event planner - Budget friendly entertaining

The fun of a progressive dinner party

Slice of Life - Would you like some muster with that?

I was having coffee with a couple friendswhen our conversation suddenly wentblonde. I can say that because I am blonde. "Have you noticed all those Muster Areasigns outside stores and such?" Deenaasked.

Into Fitness - Ever wondered about that pain in your side?

Have you experienced that annoyingpain in your side when youexercise? Most people haveexperienced the "side stitch,"that sharp twinge of pain just below the ribcage at some point in their life, most oftenon the right side of the body.

$mart Money - Planning for more than the wedding

Editor's note: This week's Smart Money iswritten by Meagan Mueller. She has workedwith Brad for about four years. Brad is at aconference, so Mueller has written this week'scolumn. Completely unexpected to me, this springDarcy asked me to marry him.

Real Estate Ramblings - Making sense of interest rates, mortgages and the HST

The most common questions that I amasked about real estate lately (otherthan the ubiquitous "hows the market thesedays" which I will address next week) relateto three subjects: What does the Bank ofCanada's interest rate increase mean forDawson Creek

Chews the News

TOUR DE BULL: Two big annual events were happeninglast week in Europe. The Tour de France, and Spain'sRunning of the Bulls. For next year, organizers are hopingto combine both events.

Also a ranking of society

Congratulations to SPSS for its positionin the Fraser Institute's ranking of schools.It is a statistically oriented system and themedia look only at the final number.

The green-eyed event planner - Upright and smiling

Any time you are planning an event with a lot of emotiontied to it, there is going to be stress. Graduationis one of those events in life.