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The illusion of setbacks

We at Peace Environment and SafetyTrustees Society are pleased that theMinistry of Energy, Mines and PetroleumResources has increased the gas well setbackdistance from schools and publicbuildings.

Chews the News

500: The Indianapolis 500 car race was Sunday. There aresome very fast drivers in Dawson Creek.

Slice of Life - Garden cents

A garden has a curious innocent way of consumingcash while all the time you are underthe illusion that you are spending nothing.

Folkmarks - How Yacht Boy became Rat Boy (A fairly tail)

Yacht Boy leaps from the sinking ship of Doobieland intothe waiting arms of his admiring minions and swiftly hunkersdown to do damage control by enlisting the TownCriers to tell all.

Chews the News

SOUTH AFRICA: The World Cup continued last week.Thanks to CBC coverage I've learned more about soccer.When the referee shows a yellow card he's saying tothe player "This is a warning".

The green-eyed event planner - Houston… we have a problem!

"It's snowing still," said Eeyore gloomily."So it is.""And freezing.""Is it?""Yes," said Eeyore. "However," he said, brightening up a little,"we haven't had an earthquake lately.

Thank you for the continued support

I am writing to thank the people ofDawson Creek for your continued support ofthe Canadian Cancer Society, in particularfor your support of the 10th Annual DawsonCreek Relay For Life held on June 5 at theNorthern Lights College Campus.

The green-eyed event planner - Celebrate Canada's birthday in style

This is going to be the best Canada Day ever!Why? We are still bursting with pride from therecent Olympic games. Most of us can still close oureyes and hear the Nikki Yanofksy song, "I Believe".

Into Fitness - Take Pilates with you on your holidays

Summer is finally here! Thecamper is packed and off wego for some fun in the sun inSaskatchewan (well, hopefully thesun part happens considering thecrazy amount of rain they've had ...yes, I did pack raincoats and umbrellas).

The green-eyed event planner - Moving on and moving up

Summer's here and many of you will be moving on and/or moving up. Moving to your first home or apartmentis an exciting time.