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Into Fitness - Dont sit back and watch; become a fit family

Active living, healthy eating,stress management, qualityfamily time. All are importantfactors to a healthy lifestyle. So,why not do all four together? Many people complain of a lack oftime or family obligations as a reasonfor being inactive.

Reference to pigs tasteless and offensive

In Response to "Pigs will be pigs" on May27, 2010. The Dawson Creek Pride Society wouldlike to thank the Dawson Creek Daily Newsand Mr.

Smart Money - Recommended reading

Charlie Munger is a brilliant investor.He's a self-made billionaire. Mungersays, "In my whole life, I have known nowise people (over a broad subject matterarea) who didn't read all the time - none,zero.

Chews the News

HST: Bill Vander Zalm plans to deliver his Anti-HST petition to Elections BC for verification onJuly 5th. He will then launch recall campaigns targetingMLAs who are most vulnerable. One MLA no longeron the hit list is Blair Lekstrom.

The green-eyed event planner - Hidden fun on Father's Day!

Are there any father's out there who don't enjoy coolgadgets and the rush of an adventure? This Father's Day discover Geocaching! A worldwide,high-tech treasure hunting game played by curious individualsarmed with a handheld GPS (Global PositioningSy

Businesses come through for SPSS students

Preparing students for life as an adult is a goal that we all worktowards at SPSS. There are many paths we offer towards achieving thisgoal.

$mart Money - How not to plan for your kids' education

I love the Registered Education SavingsPlan. When my kids were born we set upRESPs for them as soon as we could. Butnot all RESPs are created equal.

Looking Back: The Fur Lined Highway

The population explosion in rabbits began fifty years ago in 1960 and continued through to about 1964. It was unbelievable the amount of rabbits at the peak of the cycle.

Climate change and water are inextricably linked

No one can live without water. We like to think we're blessed with an abundance of clean water in Canada, but we really don't have a much larger sustainable supply of water than most places.

Court costs no worry when taxpayers pick up tab

It's time to rethink the idea that governments should automatically pick up the tab when politicians or managers get into legal disputes. Taxpayers in North Saanich, a Victoria-area community, are on the hook for $170,000 in extra costs after Coun.