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Kirstyn's Korner

Yet another long week I had. It takes so long to get through them these days, but as soon as it's Sunday, I question where the week went! I'm going crazy in my early years...

Canada's Democracy

Dear Editor, As the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Harper and his party of Candidates are supposed to say that "the will of the people is first and foremost".

Skewed Views: Heading to polls

As Canadians prepare to head to the polls for yet another federal election, many voters must find themselves asking why.

Will it ever end? Snowmobile club president hopes not

It's April 2011, and last year at this time I already had the sleds washed, a fresh coat of wax on the hood, the tunnel cleaned and the engine fogged.

Chews the News

The big fire in downtown Dawson Creek is still the local topic of conversation for many people. It's a very sad time for those folks directly affected by the fire. The fire was also a sad event for many residents.

As I See It

Bumps, bruises and benchmarks

Real Estate Ramblings: Negotiating a Win-Win Solution

When buying or selling real estate, you will eventually find yourself in a negotiation with the person or people on the other side of the transaction. The buyer wants the lowest price, under the best conditions for them.

Slice of Life: Spring Pockets

Spring is coming slow here in northern BC with daytime highs of five or six and lows in the minus seven range. The roads have turned bare and dry but the fields are still full of the white stuff.

GEEP:How to green your Easter celebration

As I am writing this, the snow is gently falling and I wonder, ?will anything be green for Easter this year?? One thing is for sure? the grass outdoors may not be green, but our Easter celebration certainly can be! Here are some tips for planning an

Is this what Canadians want?

The Harper government has reduced corporate taxes by more than 30 per cent. They are forcing the HST down our throats to transfer another huge chunk of the tax burden from corporations to low-income Canadians.