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Real Estate Ramblings - What's hot in Dawson Creek real estate?

Market Update: Sales to listings ratio's All sales information is taken from March14, 2010 to June 14, 2010. All data was accurateat the time this article was written on June14, 2010.

$mart Money - Scam victims aren't who you think

Recently I was listening to a Vancouversports talk radio station, when Iheard something that I caught my attention an infomercial from the BCSecurities Commission. The BCSC isn't selling anything.

$mart Money - It's not a question of 'if'

One of the realities of my professionis that I ask people what theywould like to happen when they die. That's a question that some peopledon't give a lot of thought to. Not me. Ithink about my own death all the time.I'm not morose about it.

The green-eyed event planner - The smell of success

Have you ever walked into a venue such as a banquetroom or a rural community hall and had your nasal passagesassaulted by an "odour"..nothing that you can putyour finger on and identify really, other than it doesn't smellvery fresh.

Slice of Life - I don't need your sympathy

I have a trick ankle. An odd expressionwhen you stop to think about it. Itmakes it sound like I have an ankle with thesurprising talent of pulling rabbits from atop hat or something.

Into Fitness - Avoiding the barbecue blues this summer

Barbequed burgers with extracheese, grilled ribs slathered inBBQ sauce, double decker icecream cones, cotton candy, andcreamy potatoe salad.

Into Fitness - Yoga any time of the day for busy people

Don't have time to commit to aregular yoga practice? Don'tsweat it. You can still reap thebenefits of some great yogaposes in 5-15 minute segments wheneveryou have the time.

The green-eyed event planner - Budget friendly entertaining

The fun of a progressive dinner party

Slice of Life - Would you like some muster with that?

I was having coffee with a couple friendswhen our conversation suddenly wentblonde. I can say that because I am blonde. "Have you noticed all those Muster Areasigns outside stores and such?" Deenaasked.

Into Fitness - Ever wondered about that pain in your side?

Have you experienced that annoyingpain in your side when youexercise? Most people haveexperienced the "side stitch,"that sharp twinge of pain just below the ribcage at some point in their life, most oftenon the right side of the body.