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Calming Nigeria's troubled delta: How Canada can help

Good news lifts the human spirit. So the news last week, that Robert Croke, the Canadian oil worker seized by an armed group in Nigeria's Niger Delta had been freed, lifted millions of Canadian - and Nigerian - spirits.

Let your voice be heard

To the Editor, Speak up and let your voice be heard! New impaired driving laws, the toughest in Canada has now been in effect for two months. I can no longer keep quiet and need to voice my opinion and concerns.

$mart Money: Is this the time to look at fixed income investments?

Lately a few pundits have been talking about increasing their exposure to fixed income investments, and I just don't get it. I mean, sure I know why they are saying that.

Life's a Beach - Life after life

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach. No matter how frustrating, sad or terrible you find your life right now there are several thing that you can start to do that will improve it. This stuff works, it is time tested.

A bad taste left behind

Seeing Mark Sutherlands photo in your Nov.15/10 edition leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have nothing against Mark Sutherland.

Energy crisis

To the Editor: Although there are those who won't admit it, BC is facing an energy crisis.

Becky's gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast

It's that time of year again: the time to anguish over finding the perfect gift for friends and loved ones. Well, search no more! I have the perfect gift ideas for couch potatoes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

A thank you long overdue

During the spring thaw of 1950, I was six years old and lived on 106th Avenue, just a short distance from the creek on 8th Street.

Going local

To the Editor; We recently had our home renovated. As we are big in keeping the work in the community I would like to share one of the experiences we had.

A plea not to sign

As a parent and tax paying community member I want to voice my support for the Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts and the City's proposal to borrow funds to complete this project.