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Folkmarks - A neater way of making a mess

I was reminded yesterday that I hurt a knee years ago and can't spend any amount of time with my knees bent or get painful consequences.

Ordinary people can be saints

Anyone who attended a Catholic school will remember learning about the saints. The saints, as my children once remarked, were always bishops, priests, martyrs, nuns or virgins.

Are your ab muscles really doing the work?

Abs, Abs, Abs...The gym is full of people focusing on flattening their ab muscles. At least they think they're working towards flat abs.

Falling On My 'Ice': What to do with my arms?

I don't know what to do with my arms. They just kind of flop around when I skate.

Green-eyed event planner - Can you hear me now?

Price for bringing in world renowned motivational speaker $10,000; Venue and catering $25,000; Not being able to hear a word he says, because his lapel mic keeps cutting out and, you were too cheap to retain an on site A/V technician - tragic.

Slice of Life - Freak storms get freakier

Our summer was bookended by a pair of freak storms. A late snowstorm on the May long weekend settled on branches of freshly opened leaves creating an unseasonal weight that brought thousands of trees to their knees.

Life is a beach - Boredom kills

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach. No matter how frustrating, sad or terrible you find your life right now there are several thing that you can start to do that will improve it. This stuff works, it is time tested.

Not everyone had a comfortable Thanksgiving dinner

I am writing to pass on the information about the power outage in the Dawson Creek area on Thanksgiving weekend. Not everyone had a comfortable dinner. Power was out in Progress, Bessborough, and, I believe, around Doe River.

Chews the News

YOUR MONEY: The BC government revealed last Wednesday's TV address by Premier Gordon Campbell cost taxpayers $240,000. That works out at one thousand bucks for every time Campbell blinked his beady little eyes.

This Reporter's Life - Defying death by fog

It was a dark and stormy night oh wait, no it wasn't. It was a dark and foggy night as my editor, a friend and myself travelled the long and meandering road to Fort St. John to see a pre-show of Chicago put on by the Stage North Theatre Society.