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Let's start by counting the number of people...

There are hundreds of people in Dawson Creek who want the new Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts! Let's start by counting the number of children and youth who attend weekly ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, baton, piano, guitar, beginner band, and karate clas

Why waste a trip to the polls?

I find it rather strange that Premier candidate Mike De Jong doesn't know why there is voter apathy in Canada. In many ridings it is well known who will be elected so why waste a trip to the polls.

Chews the news

BABY FACE: A young couple in Toronto who recently had a baby girl were in the news. They asked their Facebook contacts to pick their new daughter's name. Aw gee, that's very cute.

Economics and leadership

To be elected or to run for elected office is a very honorable thing. It really means that you volunteer your time to serve the public. To serve the people that voted you in.

Folkmarks - Gifts of all sorts for all sorts of folks

It might be a little late to make gifts for the season, however you can buy selectively and still please those on your list. Gardeners appreciate garden gifts such as gloves and the most recent gardening aid on the market.

And here we are, with children freezing at the bus stop

Here we are on the very first blistery day (-30 C with the wind-chill factor) where the school buses have been cancelled and no one has ensured the safety of the children in the Parkhill area.

Get fit before you get to Bear Mountain

Snow, snow, and more snow! Get out the toques, gloves, skis, and poles! It's shaping up to be a great year for downhill skiing.

A jewel in our community

Well the holidays are upon us and everyone is scrambling to get their shopping done. I have lived in beautiful Dawson Creek for most of my 45 years, and have been pleasantly surprised by the growth and positives changes coming into our little city.

The most inept (business-wise) council we've ever had

It's amazing to see that our leader (Mayor) has brushed up on his Economics 101 and immediately became an expert in this field.

GEEP - Adventures in gift wrapping

Over the years I have wrapped many gifts. Small things, round things, long things, pointy get the idea. I have gone through "phases" in gift wrapping.