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Time to look at the whole picture

The people who recently gathered to protest the Site C dam may not be looking at the whole picture.

Not feeling very welcome

I moved to Dawson Creek for employment and a new start in life. I find it COMPLETELY disgusting that there is not 1,(ONE), affordable place to live here. EVERYTHING has been allocated for rig workers, aboriginal and single parents.

Kirstyn's Korner: Mosh Pit

Amazing! Just pure amazing! Edmonton was definitely a trip to remember. I go to Edmonton enough, usually for volleyball, but it's nice to go for "pleasure" instead of "business".

Falling On My 'Ice': My legs feel like jelly

My legs are about to fall off. I participated in the Elks Speed Skating Club's Skate-a-thon for the Salvation Army Food Bank on Thursday, Oct. 21 and I skated way past that point my legs and back got sore.

Green-eyed event planner - Good conferences gone bad

Many have attended them. One, two or even three days of mind numbing sessions, in a large space devoid of attendees, people leaving early. This is a conference gone bad. It might have been great at its "first annual" but now has run its course.

Slice of Life - The best laid plan

I am so excited I can barely type. I know you're going to be thrilled too, so hold onto your socks.

MLA Update: The energy of small business

This past week's Energy Conference attracted many guests to Fort St. John.

Life's a Beach - Night, night, sleep tight

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach. No matter how frustrating, sad or terrible you find your life right now there are several thing that you can start to do that will improve it. This stuff works, it is time tested.

Looking Back: Railroad to where?

Over the past few years I have occasionally heard the rumour of an Alaska Highway railroad being built from Fort Nelson to Whitehorse where it would tie into the railroad to Alaska, therefore leading Alaska to a direct line to the lower forty eight.

$mart Money: The saga of the decade's best equity mutual fund

Nick Murray is a 44-year veteran financial advisor. Nowadays much of what he does is to share his knowledge with other financial advisors. Mr.