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The power of the club member

Christmas is just around the bend, I can see it although I'm not sure I am prepared for it. It's the time of year for reflection,.. and I don't mean the image I see in the mirror every morning when I brush my teeth.

Slice of Life - Two heads are better than one - Except when it comes to shopping

Two people, one cart and a very big grocery store; three key ingredients in a big batch of annoyance. In every couple one is the cart pusher and the other is the seeker.

Green-eyed event planner - Making a difference by giving

"What do you want for Christmas or better yet, what do you want for your birthday? (I am a December baby)". People have already begun asking. I get uncomfortable being asked that question for a multitude of reasons.

Chew the News

WIKI WOES: Last week all the TV news programs were talking about Wiki Leaks, a web site that leaks confidential documents.

Get an early start on your New Year's resolution

Have you thought about your New Year's resolution yet? No, I'm not crazy. Now is actually the perfect time to be setting a plan in place to ensure success in 2011.

$mart Money: Where Does The Time Go?

My daughter's birthday is in mid-November and my son's birthday is in early December. As my kids become one year older I am reflecting on the passage of time.

Kirstyn's Korner: Lazy Dayz

Yes! Finally a lazy day! More like lazy weekend! I'm so ready for Christmas holidays its crazy! School is just so tiring and long these days, I think it's never going to end.

Time to get fit so you can snowboard safely

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! With the bikes and golf clubs in storage for winter, it's time to bring out the goggles, gore-tex, and boards! While many people use their favorite sport as an opportunity to get in shape, snowboarding is one sp

Drug Review Process

Re: B.C. revamping vaunted drug watchdog program, Margaret Munro, Nov. 25, 2010 edition, page B3 To the Editor: It is unfortunate that some who oppose reforms to PharmaCare policy would prefer insults and wild allegations over reasoned debate.

Remember the important things before climbing on the sled

Well I can see all the trucks and I can see all the decks but I don't see very much snow? It's not the anxiety of Christmas that gets me when the ground gets white; instead it's the first day us snowmobilers can get out to those mountains.