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Falling On My 'Ice'

"We were given knees for a reason"

Slice of Life - Thanksgiving and the Fall of Resolutions

Thanksgiving is upon us and my springtime plans for raising all the food we needed for the meal didn't quite work out. Neither the wheat for the pie crust nor the pumpkin for the filling matured enough before succumbing to a fall frost.

Green-eyed event planner - No Soup for You!

"No Soup for you" was a catchphrase made popular by a 90's Seinfeld episode. A restaurateur dubbed the "Soup Nazi" insisted on patrons ordering their soup according to his strict instructions.

Chews the News

NEW YORK: Here's last week's strangest news item:There was a report the United Nations planned to appoint a "Space Alien Ambassador". An official U.N. greeter to welcome aliens who visit Planet Earth. By the way: The letters "U.N.

Slice of Life - Lists and Misunderstandings

I'm a list maker. I love to make lists for the sheer pleasure of crossing things off when I finish them. If I do some extra stuff I have even been known to add it to the list after I've finished, just so I can cross it off.

The things we should not have to do

Anyone opposed to the Site C Dam, or any other renewable energy project, must offer a better alternative.

Kirstyn's Korner: Theme parties rock

Did I call it or did I call it? It's not even October yet and I'm starting to get busy! Between practices, school and birthdays, my timetable is set! This week was two of my friends Sweet Sixteen's.

Looking Back: Rose Prairie

While writing the story about the Red Cross Outpost Hospital at Grandhaven it was discovered that the Nurse, Miss Ann Roberts, had later married Mr. Jim Young and moved to his farm at Rose Prairie.

Green-eyed event planner - Becoming a Greener Guest

The most popular season for entertaining is right around the corner, beginning with Thanksgiving and then the slippery slope to Christmas and New Years. Many will receive invitations to homes during the holidays for either dinner, drinks or a party.

Cross-train out of a spiritual rut

Fitness experts recommend cross training as a way to improve fitness, coordination and balance, and as a tool to prevent injury and boredom.