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Re: EnCana Drill site near residence

On Sunday, October 17 at 10:30 PM with flashlight in hand, I found the "personally delivered" notification of EnCana's proposed well site located on the above described site. This occurred after hearing, from neighbours about the notification letter.

Folkmarks - It's the time of year for new and sometimes weird decorations

People are decorating yards and windows for the holiday season. There are so many themes I'm sure it would be easy to do some Christmas decorating myself, if I was so inclined.

Tips for buying that treadmill for your home

Buying a large-scale piece of fitness equipment like a treadmill can be a daunting experience. Trust me, I waivered for over four years before finally taking the plunge and adding a treadmill to my home gym.

The HST retraction paper

We are living in exciting times politically, as well as financially. Over the radio, we hear Elections BC has developed a very simple Yes or No questionnaire on the H.S.T.

To the persons driving pick-ups

I know you may have your low beams on, but when you are driving less than three feet behind me they shine right on to my windshield... I appreciate your thoughtfulness but my car has it's own headlights I do not need the extra light from yours.

Why bother?

Recent issues of your newspaper promote Dawson Creek's new approach for charging for their water and sewer services. Perhaps this would be a good time for the city to make provision for where gardens are involved.

The power of the club member

Christmas is just around the bend, I can see it although I'm not sure I am prepared for it. It's the time of year for reflection,.. and I don't mean the image I see in the mirror every morning when I brush my teeth.

Slice of Life - Two heads are better than one - Except when it comes to shopping

Two people, one cart and a very big grocery store; three key ingredients in a big batch of annoyance. In every couple one is the cart pusher and the other is the seeker.

Green-eyed event planner - Making a difference by giving

"What do you want for Christmas or better yet, what do you want for your birthday? (I am a December baby)". People have already begun asking. I get uncomfortable being asked that question for a multitude of reasons.

Chew the News

WIKI WOES: Last week all the TV news programs were talking about Wiki Leaks, a web site that leaks confidential documents.
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