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Looking Back: The Chiulli Triangle - Part I

Many people in Fort St. John are familiar with the Chiulli Triangle. It's the chunk of land bordered by 108th Street on the east with the Alaska Highway and 100th Avenue forming the triangle.

$mart Money - The contrarian view

"Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can't buy what is popular and do well." Warren Buffett Being a contrarian can be a lonely lot in life.

$mart Money: One year later

I've run into a few pessimists lately, which is not unexpected, as there are always pessimists. If a guy is determined to be a pessimist, then all the facts and statistics in the world are not likely to change his mind.

Real Estate Ramblings - Trying to make sense of an unpredictable market

The local real estate market is an enigma to me right now. Transaction levels have fallen from record breaking (over 100 per quarter better than 2008) to merely good (around 85 per quarter, slightly better than last year).

Life's a Beach - The power of prayer

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach. No matter how frustrating, sad or terrible you find your life right now, there are several simple things that you can start doing to improve your life. This stuff works, it is time tested.

Not waste water, but wasted water

I read the words environmental protection, efficient, effective, sustainable in your article entitled 'Water agreement made' in your Aug. 20 edition. None of these words accurately describe this agreement.

Chew the News

FOREST FIRES: As fires continue to burn across BC, smoke is drifting East into Alberta, causing that province's Chief Medical Officer to issue a health warning. The smoke is so thick, some Alberta drivers are finding it hard to see on the highway.

Time to pay the piper

So we have a water shortage, hardly unexpected.

This Reporter's Life: Adventures in Rolla

Part two: Driving like a (wo)man

Real Estate Ramblings - How interest rates work

Interest rates have been a scorchingly hot topic of conversation for at about the past 19 months. I've written about this subject several times in the past.