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SoL - Thrill seeker, or just plain chicken?

If the conditions of our northern roads are not bad enough all by themselves, we have to contend with a virtual Noah's Ark of animals doing the 20 metre dash across our highways and biways.

Who's responsible for cleaning the gravel?

I am writing this letter with one underlying thesis. If the government continues to legislate every single aspect of our lives, it occurs to me that this isn't freedom, it is a dictatorship.


At the City's budget meeting last Tuesday I was confronted by a member of the Ratepayers Assn.

Declining influence of Bibles does not bode well

The late Michael Crichton wrote "Airframe" to warn people that one of the dangers of a free press is that uninformed opinion can get the same air time as informed opinion, making foolishness seem credible.

Renewal is lived in the community

Long after the chocolates are gone and the baskets have been put away for another year, Christians continue to celebrate Easter. For fifty days, Christians meditate on the Easter story.

Chews the News

$$$: A report published last week by Statistics Canada shows Canada escaped the worst effects of the global recession. By the way, Statistics Canada is the organization that has successfully predicted 14 of the last three recessions.

Letter to the Editor - Please think again

In A.

Slice of Life - Whether or not it came first, the egg it still a miracle

An egg is truly a miraculous object; the purple and red foil, the dark chocolate shell, the creamy centres. How do they get those in there? It's another that miracle I didn't gain more over Easter than I did.

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It's Not Luck That Sells Your House

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