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Liberals, lotteries need to face gambling and crime links

Sometimes you have to call people on the rubbish they speak. The B.C. Lottery Corp. scandal is one of those times. Start with Michael Graydon, the $300,000-a-year CEO.

Online gambling off to a shaky start

Another milestone. B.C. is now the best place on Earth, or at least in North America, to lose serious money gambling in your own home. Drunk, desperate, addicted, the B.C.

Theology: Summer reading suggestions

Summer is a popular time for reading. The combination of hot days and holidays provides license to lounge about with a book. Some days are perfect for an entertaining story. Other days might nag at the reader for a bit more challenge.

$mart Money: Finance and the growing family

With my busy summer travel schedule, I asked my colleague Niko Lin to prepare some material for this week's column. Niko recently resumed her career after a maternity leave, and is managing the challenges of balancing work and family life. She says..

Looking Back: Fort St. John Presbyterian Church's "Kirk Hall" celebrates 50th anniversary

In the past I have written about different facilities that were used by the pioneers of the Peace for gatherings, schools, halls, etc. There were dances, meetings, picnics and such. One gathering spot was the church of the district.

Not wrapped in a box

This gift is not wrapped in a box. It is graduation time once again in our communities. Prom, ceremonies and festive gatherings mark the occasion. The giving of gifts is an important part of the graduation ritual.

Looking Back: Rural communities north of Fort St. John

As I drove around Fort St. John the other day it struck me that we were becoming a fairly large berg. It got me thinking of the other communities that surround us.

Doing unto others

My daughter and I on Friday, June 11 were the recipients of a Random Act of Kindness. We were having dinner at Egan's when a couple unbeknownst to us paid our bill.

Little Miss Shopper

Ever since my daughter learned to walk she's been pushing around a pint-sized shopping cart in the grocery store. Now she's asking to do the shopping without me. "Please Mom," she pleaded on our last trip to the store.

What about the rural residents?

BC Hydro wants to build Site C in Rural Area C of the Peace River Regional District (PRRD). Site C would dam the Peace River, flooding land in Rural Electoral Areas B, C, E and the Municipality of Hudson's Hope.