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$mart Money - Finances and the growing family

With my busy summer travel schedule,I asked my colleague Niko Linto prepare some material for this week's column.Niko recently resumed her career aftera maternity leave, and is managing the challengesof balancing work and family life. Shesays...

Life is a Beach - Making friends

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach. Nomatter how frustrating, sad or terrible you find your liferight now, there are several simple things that you can startdoing to improve your life. This stuff works, it is time tested.

Slice of Life - Slightly cracked thoughts

People are always asking which camefirst the chicken or the egg. I just wantto know how to crack an egg without gettingpieces of the shell in the bowl.

Chews the News

BLIND BULLETIN: Last week a group of engineers in the U.S.State of Virginia announced they have developed a car thatcan be driven by a blind person. A car driven by a blind personis not a totally new idea.

Thanks for support

The Dawson Creek Firefighterswould like to thank all the local businessesfor the donations that madethis year's DC Firefighters Burn FundPoker Night such a huge success aswell as everyone that came out andtook part in the poker tournament.

Fokmarks - Are you green or cheap?

We hear about making thingsgreener by reducing energycosts and utilizing materials wisely. It'sthe perfect excuse for a thrifty personto save dollars and save the environmentat the same time.

Please contribute to save the watershed

I am writing to make your readers awareof a proposed toxic waste dump going in tothe Swan Lake watershed. The company, Secure Energy Services ofCalgary, says that the location will be locatedapproximately four kilometres down theHeritage Highway.

$mart Money - What are the chances of that happening?

In June I was away from the office for awhile, participating in a few industry conferences.This cut into my time available to writethis column.

A few comments

In February of 2009, I started working for BP at their Noel Major Project around Dawson Creek; amulti-year, 1.2 billion dollar project consisting of plants, well sites, and pipelines.

The cost of learning to swim

At the Kenn Borek Aquatic Centre, the city has signs remindingus of the HST effective July 1, and encouraging purchases of swimlessons (these signs have now been taken down) and swim passesbefore the deadline.