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The things we should not have to do

Anyone opposed to the Site C Dam, or any other renewable energy project, must offer a better alternative.

Kirstyn's Korner: Theme parties rock

Did I call it or did I call it? It's not even October yet and I'm starting to get busy! Between practices, school and birthdays, my timetable is set! This week was two of my friends Sweet Sixteen's.

Looking Back: Rose Prairie

While writing the story about the Red Cross Outpost Hospital at Grandhaven it was discovered that the Nurse, Miss Ann Roberts, had later married Mr. Jim Young and moved to his farm at Rose Prairie.

Green-eyed event planner - Becoming a Greener Guest

The most popular season for entertaining is right around the corner, beginning with Thanksgiving and then the slippery slope to Christmas and New Years. Many will receive invitations to homes during the holidays for either dinner, drinks or a party.

Cross-train out of a spiritual rut

Fitness experts recommend cross training as a way to improve fitness, coordination and balance, and as a tool to prevent injury and boredom.

Chews the News

SIMPSONS: Sunday was a big night on TV. Two of the biggest shows on television combined. On the season premier of "The Simpsons", the stars of "Glee" sang with Lisa. I watched it. I was not impressed. I'm pretty sure Lisa Simpson was lip-synching.

$mart Money: Just jump

Picture this. You are on the top story of a burning building. There is only one way to get out alive. You've got to make a jump for it. The firemen have the safety net set up. They are calling to you. They are saying, "Just jump.

Sometimes the gym can be an embarrassing place

The world is full of comical risks and the gym is no exception. We've all had our share of embarrassing experiences in our life and if you're like me, a few of them have happened at the gym.

Slice of life - Checking out our marriage at the local grocery store

When you're young and in love you never think about the little things. It's all starry skies and carriage rides in the park.

Kirstyn's Korner: Where'd September go?

September has been full of surprises for me this year! Usually it's a slow month, but now I'm wondering where it went! Between a new school, having family get togethers, starting this column and basically just changing my whole lifestyle around I gue
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