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Chews the News

CELEBRATION: Last week there was a big celebrationin the world of toys. The Etch-A-Sketch turned 50.The inventor actually came up with the basic idea for theEtch-A-Sketch 60 years ago. But he had to wait 10 yearsfor another guy to invent knobs.

$mart Money - The whole person

Recently I was at the local hospitalgetting some routine tests done.The hospital has one of those little "TakeA Number" machines that lets you knowwho is next in line for service.

Folkmarks - Overcoming hoarding is a parting event

At the moment, I don't recall what Iwore to bed as a child.

Life is a Beach - Instant rapport with someone

This column is dedicated to making your life a beach.No matter how frustrating, sad or terrible you findyour life right now, there are several simple things that youcan start doing to improve your life. This stuff works, it istime tested.

It takes a village

It Takes a Village. This old saying about taking a Village to raise a child also rings true about taking a Village to put on a Canada Day Celebration.

The green-eyed event planner - Yes… but...

You have heard the saying, "Doctors make the worstpatients?"...well, the same can be said about event ormeeting planners, "Meeting planners can make the worstconference attendees." Why? Well, because some believethey know better.

Ask your grandchildren

That certainly is a heart warming picture of Rosalind Thorn, President of the B.C. Construction Association North, in the full page ad of your July 8, 2010 edition.

Folkmarks - The many uses of worn jeans

W\hen I read about a fellow who used an old pair ofjeans to make a baby swing for his child it triggeredsome memories for me of quilts I made from wornout jean material. Sad to say the quilts met an untimely endand were destroyed.

$mart Money - Planning for prosperity after prosperity ends

Some people still have misgivings, butreally things are pretty good aroundhere. We've got an unemployment ratearound four percent. That's about as lowas unemployment rates get.

Heritage Manor I disqualifying country's pioneers

Dear Editor, I would like to inform your readers of the new rules and regulations regarding our seniors complex Heritage Manor I.
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