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Kirstyn's Korner: Finals finished

Finally! I'm almost done exams! It's been crazy getting ready for them, but I can't study. I don't retain things very well studying. I'm not entirely sure why. It's been like that forever.

Skewed Views: Boomtown history

I used to spend my summers at my Grandmother's place up in Northern Ontario. When you first drive into the town of 1,500 people, a tattered banner hangs over the town's main street declaring it "The Most Historical Town in Ontario.

Real Estate Ramblings - A look back and a look ahead

2010 has come and gone and we are out of the gates into a brand new year. This column takes a look back at what happened in our local market and the events that led to those results.

Chews the News

SUPER BOWL: The most ridiculous news story I read last week came from the world of American football. The NFL announced it will sell tickets to people who want to stand OUTSIDE the stadium during the Super Bowl.

A disturbing situation

It has recently come to my attention, I being a former citizen of, and frequent visitor to, the city of Dawson Creek, of a disturbing situation that has developed among the seniors of your city, whereby they are slowly and deliberately being nudged o

As I See It: Everything you know (about the zodiac) is wrong

So there's this business flying around the Internet this week about some great big change in the zodiac - apparently there's a 13th sun sign. At first I thought it was a joke, like someone made up a bunch of gag signs, like Ninjasaurus or something.

Folkmarks - Bless the National Film Board for boredom breaks

How many of you recall school days, boredom and the National Film Board? For me it was a relief when a teacher announced we were going to see a N.F.B. movie. Naturally, it would happen piecemeal, as the equipment allowed.

Venting to the city

I would like to take a minute to vent at the city council for there recent letters in the paper. Specifically will not clear snow because it costs $75,000, we need this infrastructure as nobody can get around.

Looking Back: Fort St. John's wooden sidewalks

One of Kenny and my favourite pastimes, when we were kids, was flipping over the wooden sidewalks in Fort St. John. Other kids did this too, but whenever one was left overturned Kenny and I usually got the blame.
Falling On My 'Ice': I won a provincial silver medal!

Falling On My 'Ice': I won a provincial silver medal!

In her last Falling On My Ice column, Kelly ?Blades? Lapointe reflects on her four months of learning to speed skate. I am a provincial silver medal winner! That?s something I never expected.
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